Ginger Snap Crumble Beading



Crumbly textures are fascinating!

Especially when they’re in a gorgeous pastel pink shade and feature delicate beadwork.

A cape in this exquisitely beautiful material is sure to make you feel wonderfully feminine and graceful in every outfit you pair it with.

In fact, a cape in this pretty beaded material is the easiest and effortless way to transform your outfits from simple to extremely elegant.

Do you always feel hesitant to wear your favorite outfits just because you feel out of shape?

Let us make you feel beautiful and confident just the way you are with a cape in our ginger snap crumble material.

Available in three different sizes, our capes in this fine material will conceal the body parts you wish to hide.

Besides that, every outfit of yours will come to life and will look like something out of a designer’s boutique when you pair it with our eye-catching cape.

So why think twice about wearing your favorite outfit to your next special night out with our cape in your closet?

Bring out the sexiest dress you own and let our ginger snap crumble cape work its magic!

Start designing your custom cape