Collection: La Belle Époque 2014 Collection

ModiStyle designers take their inspiration from La Belle Époque era in France and Belgium.
Often referred to as The Golden Age, it was a period that was characterised by optimism and post-war peace allowing art music & theatre to flourish and of course marking the beginning of Haute Couture in Paris.
This is the era when the bohemian lifestyle became chic and luxurious.
Our designers created La Belle Époque exclusive ModiStyle collection where each style in the collection is limited to a small number of pieces.
As with Haute Couture each dress is a made-to-order for each customer measurements and specification.
Dresses and gowns are made from high quality fabric and sewn with extreme care and finished by the most experienced and capable seamstresses.
Enjoy La Belle Époque with all its glamour and optimism.

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