Limited Edition Made to Measure

Watching ‘The Paradise’ (TV series) has taken me back in time. Watching the Exclusive Customer Service from Mr Selfridges strikes a thought of how far we have moved away from the personalised touch when shopping for a dress or a gown. The closest any of us gets to a tailor-made outfit is reserved for wedding days or events. Sadly I don’t see H&M and Zara supermarket as a fashion ‘experience’. You simply pick a basket of goods from a menu of mass-produced, commercially viable garb, designed with maximum profits in mind. The nostalgic feeling for a good customer experience overrides the idea that I would pay a little bit more for this dress if the shopping experience was more tailored with the support of a friendly stylist. Or what about getting size 7 or 13 dress that really fits instead of the standard 8 or 12  - to small or too big? We are all unique. Why should we be forced to compromise because ‘it’s not available in that size’?

Our mums and grandmas would remember the annual visit to the tailors. Once, it was something that everyone was doing and could afford. Years later, it has become the vestige of the rich and posh.

The idea that one can have made to measured outfit done within the realms of your own schedule on your own terms may seem ridiculous - but imagine that you had a consultant taking your measurements and doing fittings in the comfort of your own home and you may change your mind about the concept of delivering ‘the classic in new way’. 

ModiStyle delivers this as an exclusive service, and in case you want accessories - handbags, a few pairs of striking heels and some gorgeous earrings etc - then ModiStyle VIP Shopping Fashion Consultants will be running the streets of London or Paris for you whilst you enjoy the spa treatment before your big event.

I am writing this through my nostalgia for visiting a place like The Paradise and being treated like royalty, but it is slowly dissipating – but I still secretly dream about wearing a gorgeous Champagne Annabelle Gown for perfect cocktail party. 


Profitez de la vie avec style!

Au revoir  


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